Guidelines for Conveners

Until May 15 the conveners are expected to

- inform LOC about abstracts submitted to your symposium which do not fit there and advise about another symposium where it may fit.
- inform LOC about abstracts that are not acceptable. The remaining abstracts will be regarded as accepted for presentation in the symposium.
- inform me about possible needs to change the time allotted to your symposium because of considerably larger or smaller number of submitted abstracts than expected in the preliminary planning (see attachment).

Before June 15 the conveners are expected to submit to LOC by e-mail detailed plans for your sessions (both oral talks and posters), i.e.. detailed time schedules and chairs for all sessions of your symposium (see also earlier guidelines) Bengt Hultqvist

Guidelines for Conveners (by Bengt Hultqvist, January, 2009)  34 KB
Actions required from conveners (by Bengt Hultqvist, May, 2009) 20 KB